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Accelerate Your Spiritual Awakening

Accelerate Your Spiritual Awakening

Six easy tips for awakening your spiritual self!

1. Meditate Each Morning

Set yourself up for success by relaxing and clearing the mind! I recommend starting off with a 10-minute guided meditation or repeating an affirmation or mantra. The key is to observe whatever comes up without judgment and view your thoughts in a third person perspective. When we let go and allow ourselves to be fully present, that is when we can receive answers from our higher self. Adding a meditation practice to your life will not only increase your intuition and accelerate your awakening but will also reduce stress and anger. 

2. Practice Gratitude 

Write down every single thing that is going right in this moment; including not just material items but also people, events, ideas...even yourself. Appreciating what you already have is the key to happiness. Our society is built on driving us to the next bigger and better thing, often leaving us feeling empty by the time we arrive. Choose to be enough and have enough now. The law of attraction will mirror or reality with our current frequency, so it is up to you to break the loop. 

3. Spend More Time In Nature

Being in nature has been proven to promote physical and emotional wellbeing. Hiking is a form of active meditation and also a great way to stay fit and improve your health! Drink plenty of water and do not leave any trash behind. Take your outdoor adventure to the next level by removing your shoes and grounding your bare feet to the earth. This practice will directly connect you to Gaia’s healing energy! 

4. Read Books That Inspire You

Gain a new perspective into life’s challenges by seeing how other people have solved them. If you set the intention to always be learning your mind will stay sharp. Listen to audiobooks as you drive or clean your home. We are in the information age and just about anything you would ever want to learn about is only a click away. Stay curious and excited about the next thing to discover. 

5. Work With A Mentor Or Spiritual Guide

It is okay to ask for help. Many times we feel like we have to go it alone, but people function best with a support system. Research and find someone who you resonate with and shares the same values as you. This could be a therapist, life coach, spiritual mentor or councilor - use your intuition to decide what is best for you. Sometimes we need multiple people on our team, especially with ambitious goals. 

6. Make Choices From Your Heart Center

The coping mechanisms that you used to survive will not help you thrive. This requires a fundamental shift in the way we think and respond to others. Do not allow fear to dictate how you live. Many times we allow logic and reasoning to get in the way of what we really want. Sure, that may be the practical solution, but how does it make you feel? Use your internal guidance system to navigate your way to happiness. The key to healing is always through your heart. 

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