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Summer Eclipse Season + Full Moon Ritual

Summer Eclipse Season + Full Moon Ritual

Summer eclipse season starts this Friday - tomorrow!

June 5th – July 5th we will have two full moon lunar eclipses & one solar eclipse. This strawberry full moon in Sagittarius will experience a penumbral eclipse, but will not be visible on this side of the world. There are SEVEN eclipses happening in 2020, which is a lot considering that it is the maximum that can occur in a single year.

We are experiencing one of the most intense years in history, making it nothing short of monumental.

Can you believe we are just halfway through it? This magnification & rare assortment of planetary alignments will pave the way for real change to finally happen. But what does a lunar eclipse mean for you? Transformation.

Eclipses speed up what is meant to be, the inevitable.

Things that you were planning on doing in a year will be demanded of you now. Your best interest is at hand, even though it may feel intense & turbulent. Trust your intuition by running every decision through your heart center. Does it feel right…anymore?

You can amplify the energy of every full moon by doing an at-home Full Moon Ritual.

Write all the emotions or things you would like to release from your life on different strips of paper. For example, “Stress,” “Anxiety,” or “Fear.” Fear is often the root of many of our self-limiting belief systems. Light a candle & collect a fireproof bowl filled with water.

Burn each piece of paper setting the intension to release that emotion from your energetic system, dissolving it with light & love. Make sure to leave enough space behind the word so that you don’t burn your fingers! Once the word has burned drop the remaining piece of fiery paper in the bowl of water to extinguish it. You can also do this ritual by burning the pieces of paper in a fireplace or bonfire outside.

This practice will help you visualize removing the very blockages in your way.

Feel the weight lift off your shoulders with each release & feel lighter!

Doing this full moon ritual during the upcoming lunar eclipses will benefit you by getting rid of all that no longer serves you. This tool can help you get where you want to be, but faster. Have confidence that you have the power to change and transform into your highest potential the moment that you decide to. Profound illumination & understanding of yourself is about to unfold!

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