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Root Chakra Smoky Quartz Tumbled Stone

Find Peace

Dissolve negative energy and overcome grief with the smoky quartz crystal. Targeting the root chakra, smoky quartz is an excellent grounding stone that promotes security & stability. It is a powerful crystal that can be used for physical healing as well as lifting fear & depression. It brings emotional calmness, relieving stress & anxiety.

To magnify the properties of this stone, purchase 6 to create a crystal grid that can be placed around you while you meditate or around your home. Simply place them at the points of the 6-pointed star. This crystal pairs well with amethyst & citrine crystals.

Each unique medium-sized stone is larger than a quarter & the colors and shapes will vary. With purchase, you will be sent one crystal from the pictured lot. Trust that what is meant for you will be received.

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