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Energy Clearing Smudging Set | White Sage | Palo Santo

White Sage + Palo Santo + Feather

+ Historically used to clear out negative energy & bless a space
+ Scientifically proven to remove 94% of bacteria in the air after one hour
+ Releases negative ions, which research has linked to creating a more positive mood
+ Spiritual purification & energy clearing
+ Assists with meditation by enhancing a connection with the divine
+ Attracts love & good fortune
+ Inspires creativity & positivity

Each Smudging Set Includes:
1 x White Sage Smudge Wand – 4”
5 x Sticks of Palo Santo – 4”
1 x Blue Macaw Feather – 4”
1 x Energy Clearing & Cleansing Ritual

Our Palo Santo is wildcrafted & handpicked from naturally fallen trees in an Ecuadorian forest. The Blue Macaw feathers are sourced from nonprofit bird rescues & are naturally molted.

All of the products contained have been ethically sourced & are reiki infused. 4" Length measurements may vary slightly due to natural variations. 

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