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Distance Reiki Session

It is time to feel better.

✦ Experience the healing power of Usui Reiki with a 1-hour virtual distance session!

✦ Calm your nerves & release anxiety.

✦ Allow crystal singing bowls to guide you into a meditative state of reiki in real-time.

What to Expect:

1. We will discuss what you would like to accomplish.

2. Get comfortable in a seated or lying position.

3. Be open to receive the Reiki energy.

4. Sound bowls & other instruments will be played during your unique meditation experience.

5. Reiki will be administered for 45 minutes; the session will be complete after 1 hour.

6. Feelings of deep relaxation, temperature changes & tingling sensations can be experienced. 

7. The energy will continue to unfold for up to two weeks after your session.  

How to Book:

1. Click here to schedule with Acuity & be directed to our partner site.

2. If your desired time is not available, purchase a session by adding it to your cart. You will be contacted within 24 hrs or less to schedule your appointment.

3. Sessions are done in English - available to everyone ages 18 & up.

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