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What you can experience after a single Reiki session:

Calm mind

Decreased stress levels

A sensation of floating

Understanding of what you need to focus on the most

Expansion that unfolds for two full weeks 

Potential benefits of receiving Reiki once a month:

Spiritual growth

A shift in consciousness

Increased intuition

Understanding what is best for the greatest & highest good

Expansion of self & desired qualities

Meet Your Practitioner

Tinsley Tarot is 8th in lineage from Mikao Usui, the original founder of Reiki in Japan. Usui Reiki teachings are the purest form of the original practice of Reiki. As an Usui Reiki Ryoho Master, Tinsley Tarot has been assisting clients with energy healing practices professionally since 2019.

Start feeling better & begin your journey of expansion today!