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Crown Chakra Amethyst Tumbled Stone

Enhance Intuition & Balance

This meditative and calming stone should be a staple in everyone’s crystal collection. By opening the crown chakra, this powerful crystal is an aura purifier and is great for energy work. Perfect for creating balance, sobriety & healing addiction. Put amethyst next to your bedside to promote vivid dreams and deep sleep. This crystal provides protection against bad energy and can increase spirituality & psychic abilities.

To magnify the properties of this stone, purchase 6 to create a crystal grid that can be placed around you while you meditate or put under your bed. Simply place them at the points of the 6-pointed star. This crystal pairs well with Rose & Clear Quartz.

Each unique medium-sized stone is larger than a quarter & the colors and shapes will vary. With purchase, you will be sent one crystal from the pictured lot. Trust that what is meant for you will be received.