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Tarot Card Reading


Are you feeling stuck in your current relationship or career?

Do you feel as though life should feel better than it does?

Through the divine process of synchronicity, the cards reveal what you need to know. Become the master of your reality & regain your power today. 

How to Schedule a Reading :

1. Purchase the amount of time you would like for your reading.

2. Call (346) 908 – 0369 to schedule your reading over the phone.

3. You will be contacted within 24 hours or less during the workweek if not connected immediately to schedule your appointment.

4. Available to everyone age 18 and older living in the United States and Canada. 

What to Expect :

1. Have a question or topic in mind you would like to discuss.

2. The card reader will channel your energy with intention and pull the cards for you. Each card will be explained in depth and give insight on your current situation.

3. A photo of your personal reading will be emailed to you with a written summary of what was discussed.

4. We are here to help you get back to a state of well-being.

5. All information provided will be treated confidentially.